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         [Manar is pictured above with her husband]


NoteFull is pleased to introduce Manar Bassim Bahaadeen, a pharmacist from Iraq, who is living in the United States! Here is her story . . .

When she first began studying, she asked other TOEFL students how she should prepare. Many people recommended NoteFull. She registered and went through the program quickly before taking the exam and earned the following scores: R11, L15, S19, and W21. Feeling discouraged and doubtful, she began studying with every TOEFL book she could find, including Cambridge and Kaplan. She mentioned that these books were a waste of time, adding, "You will get distracted easily as they do not give a precise picture of the real exam." From there, she decided to register for NoteFull tutoring.

"You may say to yourself that the period of session is short and you will not learn that much. But you are totally wrong, I learned a lot from each professor."

Manar, who was already registered for 12-step Speaking and 12-step Writing + Review, registered for 8 tutoring points and had her first two sessions with Joseph and Lauren. She was pleased at how quickly they identified her weak points and corrected her mistakes. Feeling that she needed additional guidance, she registered for 48 tutoring points and began working with Mathew. With these sessions, she improved greatly and gained confidence as well. She mentioned, "You may say to yourself that the period of session is short and you will not learn that much. But you are totally wrong, I learned a lot from each professor." 

All of Manar's hard work, both in and out of tutoring, paid off! Last month, after 15 TOEFL attempts, she took her last TOEFL test and earned: R29, L23, S27, and W 25. Overall, Manar improved 38 points and 7 points on speaking!



"Repetition is the key to success."


When not in tutoring, Manar worked incredibly hard, studying nearly 6 hours each day. She woke up early, when her house was quiet, every morning to study. She approached her program like "scientific material," making sure she understood every single word.


Additionally, she spent a lot of time reviewing every program strategy. She said: "What I mean repeating toefl program: I do not mean once or twice, I mean maybe ten or even more. I was repeating reading section even though I solved it before. I was repeating the listening the same way and ignore that I solved the practice before... Repetition is the key to success.


On the topic of NoteFull and the value of tutoring, she wrote: "At the same time, you have take tutor sessions because each teacher will give a valuable advice. They are professional with this issue. TOEFL is not only a language [test], it is also [about] technique. You have to be able to deal with exam very intelligently and NoteFull will teach you how to pass without getting stuck with this challenging test and move on with your life."



Manar's final words of wisdom for you:

My advice to all students is NEVER GIVE UP. Thomas Edison, the great scientist invented the Light electric bulb which enlightens our life in the darkness. He repeated his experiment ten thousand times until he made his great invention. When he was interviewed and was asked what he felt towards that he answered: I have not failed, I have just found ten thousand times will not work!!!!... So do not get frustrated and even though you fail, do not give up. Keep going and repeating the same program and do not get distracted with so many sources like what I did. Believe in yourself and your dreams and dream of your goal every day in order to keep going and never stop and I am sure you will celebrate your success and take my place on SUCCESS STORIES PAGE.


 You CAN do it too! Stay focused, persistent, and positive. You will succeed, just like Manar. Good luck!



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