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NoteFull is pleased to introduce the Student of the Month of December 2014: Anushree Ogale from India!



Anushree was taking the TOEFL because she is planning to apply for a master's program to continue her graduate course of study in the United States. She had never taken the TOEFL before, but in order to reach her goal of 100+, she knew that she would need thorough, comprehensive help in all four sections.


When Anushree started studying for the TOEFL, she searched for TOEFL tutorials on YouTube, which is where she found NoteFull's tutorial videos. She watched 3-4 videos and decided that this was what she needed. She felt that the strategies and tips NoteFull offered were unlike any other site or service she found. Anushree first started out by registering for the Free TOEFL email course that NoteFull provides. It was a great start for her, but she knew she wanted more material. This is when she decided to register for the Complete TOEFL Mastery system.


A New Path towards Success:


Anushree started her program by taking advantage of the Complete TOEFL Assessment included. On this initial test, she earned a 22 in Speaking and a 23 in Writing. However, with this assessment, she learned exactly what she would need to work on in order to shoot up her Speaking and Writing scores.


She states that, "the templates for all speaking questions make things more than 50% done. You just have to fill in the blanks. And another thing is practice. I got so many practice questions, and answers on NoteFull."


For Anushree, understanding how to expand her content and eliminate her pauses were crucial to her success. The assessment taught her exactly how to do that.


Here's how Anushree planned out her study regiment:


4-5 hours daily, taking small breaks

5 days a week.

20-25 hours per week.

2 months, total.


After all of that hard work, Anushree reached the results she was after:


103 (r-21, l-29, s-26, w-27)


Now that she passed she told us that "I feel free, one big burden down. When I started studying for TOEFL, I was not sure I would be able to achieve my goal score and that too in first attempt, but now when I achieved it I feel very confident."


And if you're still struggling, remember that like Anushree, you can do it too!



Anushree's final suggestions for your success:


► Take good notes

► Always use colorful pens while taking notes.

► Apply the NoteFull strategies blindly, exactly as they are.

► Study with noise in the background

► And practice and review as much as you can.


"I would say, please never give up, there were days when I thought I will never be able to speak a single word in speaking section, specially question 1 and 2, but I did pretty good actually. So keep practicing and reviewing. It will not happen in a day, but gradually you will definitely improve. Believe in yourself, believe that you can do it and you will do it. 




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If you think that you have what it takes to become NoteFull's next Student of the Month, please send us an email with your story of success to


We look forward to receiving your success story. Whether you're working with an ESL or TOEFL system or through our Free TOEFL Course, we have seen your commitment to greatness and look forward to rewarding you for your hard work next month!


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As Student of the Month, you will be interviewed by NoteFull and profiled on this page.


This is a great opportunity for you to inspire others with your story or just brag about your success. And just as you're reading this now, know that your story will continue to inspire others towards success for years to come.


Also, every Student of the Month receives a coveted NoteFull t-shirt! Wear it with pride when you get it because you deserve it.






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