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NoteFull would like to introduce Engy Benyamine from EgyptEngy is a pharmacist who came to live in California two years ago. As a foreign pharmacist, she--like many NoteFull students--was required to reach high-level TOEFL score requirements in order to earn her pharmaceutical license in California. Here is her story . . .

When she first started out, about a year ago, she took the TOEFL and earned R 24, L25, S24, and W 22. She studied for nearly one year, using Longman, which she felt was "unhelpful." Engy remembers though that, "One day I met one of your students and he advised me to try NoteFull." And she decided to see if we could help.

"When I tried NoteFull, I felt that now I can pass this test."

When Engy first started with NoteFull, she began with the 3-step TOEFL Mastery + Tutoring + Review system, a basic package which provides all of our basic, core content, but one that would also allowed her to take advantage of reviews and tutoring. After some time, she upgraded to Complete TOEFL Mastery for additional practice tests. She knew that NoteFull presented accurate questions and answers to help her study effectively. She stated, "When I tried NoteFull, I felt that now I can pass this test." 

And, it turned out--she was right! Last month, she took her last TOEFL test and earned R 26, L25, S26, and W 26.


About the NoteFull team, she stated, "You are amazing team members; each one of you taught me something different."



What were some of the keys to Engy's success?

►   For test-takers who are parents, Engy says, "I am a full time mom of three children, so it is too hard to find any time to study, but I used to study in the morning, when they were in the school."

►   For additional speaking and writing help, Engy took advantage of our forum and TOEFL Review Wednesday series on YouTube. She said that it helped because, "I heard others answers and that gave me new ideas and new examples for question 1 and 2 in speaking section. The same thing in the writing section.


Click here to see what Engy is talking about.

►   To improve reading and writing: "I want to encourage everyone to follow the strategies in the reading section because even it is a very hard section. . . . The same thing in the writing, you should write 450-500 words."

►   To improve speaking: "record your answers and hear them because you will find many mistakes that you can avoid in the test."

Engy's final words of wisdom for you:

"My advice to all students that can't pass this test that they never give up because they may be so close to achieving their goals. I know that is very hard to fail many times. However, when you achieve your dream, you will be so happy and so proud of yourself. "


 You CAN do it too! Stay focused, persistent, and positive. You will succeed, just like Engy. Good luck!



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We look forward to receiving your success story. Whether you're working with an ESL or TOEFL system or through our Free TOEFL Course, we have seen your commitment to greatness and look forward to rewarding you for your hard work next month!


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