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 NoteFull would like to introduce October's Student of the Month! Meet Justin Agdipa, a 22 year old student who is originally from the Philippines.


Justin is particularly excited to share his story of success, now that he hit his dream scores, because "back when I was still preparing for it, reading success stories were one of the things that motivated me. So this time around, I hope I will be able to inspire my fellow students in this simple gesture." We couldn't be happier for you, Justin!



Getting started:


Justin was taking the TOEFL because he needed it to become eligible to take the NCLEX-RN in Nevada. This is a tough exam used to determine which candidates will become licensed registered nurses. As a foreign graduate, Justin needed to get a total grade of 84 with a 26 in speaking before even considering the NCLEX-RN.


"I was devastated because I thought I was proficient enough."


Because he wasn't exactly sure about what he should do, he practiced through self-study prior to his first test, which he took last June. However, on his own he ended up earning R-24, L-28, S-23, and W-26. These scores are great--in fact, he earned a total grade of 101. However, this was not enough to move forward in his dream career and future. Justin said, "I was devastated because I thought I'm proficient enough."


**This is one of the most common reasons students avoid getting help they need, especially when they're just starting out! 


Justin needed an extra edge for high-level scores. . .


He knew his previous study methods weren't enough. He needed something more. One time while he was on Instagram he stumbled upon a user who posted her excellent TOEFL scores. A commenter asked for her help and she directed her to Notefull.com. Upon seeing it, he immediately searched for it. 


He was really excited, because he felt that the website was very easy to use and "loaded with free tutorials". The only trouble was . . . his exam was just a few days away.


After taking the exam again and still struggling, he was totally disheartened. BUT, he knew he had to keep going:


"Every day I tried to pick myself up. Reminding myself that I can't give up because if I do, I won't be able to take a shot in the NCLEX-RN. I won't achieve my dream if I will quit." 


Climbing the hill to TOEFL success!


After gathering up enough self-confidence, he started practicing again. This time he focused on the speaking part and watched all of NoteFull's free tutorial videos. Here he learned about how his response would be rated, how to attack each question, how to allocate his time when answering the questions, and how to take notes. 


Armed with clock, recorder, paper and a pencil, he practiced all six tasks as often as possible. Justin stated, "at first, I stuttered and ran out of words. But I knew that I should be easy on myself. Patience is the key."


On his third attempt, he admits that I wasn't as confident as he could've been, but he didn't let it get the best of him. Because he considered this exam to be his last chance, "I gave it everything I got!"


Waiting eagerly for the results:


After finishing the exam, he made a sigh of relief. He knew he did exactly what he learned from NoteFull. He tried to stay positive, look on the brighter side of things, and "not let negative thoughts drown me."


When he received the email letting him know that the results had been released,  he prayed intensely. Justin said, "my heart was beating like crazy and my hands were shaking uncontrollably." But when he clicked on "View Scores," there it was. . . The scores that he wanted and dreamed about appeared on the screen! 

R-27, L-27, S-27,  and W-29!

With a total grade of 110! More than he needed to reach his dreams!

Now that Justin passed, this is the advice he'd like to share with you:


"1. NoteFull is really helpful!

2. Great things take time.

3. Things worth having don't come easy.

4. You don't need to have new materials in order to practice well.  Just keep answering the same questions and see your improvement.

5. If you believe in yourself, you're halfway there."


Congratulations again, Justin! And for those of you who are still struggling. Read Justin's words and follow his advice carefully. You will reach your dreams, too!



How to Become the Next Student of the Month back to top


If you think that you have what it takes to become NoteFull's next Student of the Month, please send us an email with your story of success to SuccessStories@NoteFull.com.


We look forward to receiving your success story. Whether you're working with an ESL or TOEFL system or through our Free TOEFL Course, we have seen your commitment to greatness and look forward to rewarding you for your hard work next month!


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As Student of the Month, you will be interviewed by NoteFull and profiled on this page.


This is a great opportunity for you to inspire others with your story or just brag about your success. And just as you're reading this now, know that your story will continue to inspire others towards success for years to come.


Also, every Student of the Month receives a coveted NoteFull t-shirt! Wear it with pride when you get it because you deserve it.






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