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  [Medhat is pictured above with his son and wife, Mary, who also succeeded with NoteFull]



NoteFull is so very happy and proud to introduce September's Student of the Month: Medhat Abdallah from Egypt!



Medhat's TOEFL journey begins...


Medhat first took his TOEFL test about a year and a half ago. Because his dream is to become a practicing pharmacist in the United States, he had to meet the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) requirements. Unfortunately, on that very first test, he earned R6 , L12 , S20 , and W17. His wife, who's also a pharmacist, had also used NoteFull to succeed on her TOEFL, so Medhat decided to do the same. 



It was a bit difficult though throughout his studies for a few reasons. (1) His wife was also studying at the same time. And because they have a small son, it was difficult for them to balance caring for him and sharing that responsibility, while studying.  (2) Medhat was working to support his family as a pharmacy technician 5 days per week. These things greatly limited the amount of time he was able to study. 




What NoteFull programs did Medhat use?


Medhat was using 3-step TOEFL Mastery at first, but later upgraded to 12-step Speaking and 12-step Writing. He added Additional Tutoring Sessions and some Reviews to meet with NoteFull tutors. He studied approximately 4-6 hours per day, whenever possible. Here's how he used these systems and his time to succeed:



  • Wake up early: Medhat says that waking up at "7 o'clock AM to study had a great impact to improve my skills." He strongly recommends this for people with families.


  • Master strategies and skills: Medhat remarked that going through practice tests was helpful, but it was a mistake to think that's how he'd improve beyond a 23. He says, "it doesn't matter how many practices you answer, but what really matters is to apply what you learn from the system to your answers... you will get your desired score."


  • Create a schedule: Medhat says, "I didn't have an organized schedule for each section, but when I broke this habit, my scores improved dramatically."


  • Get feedback: Finally, when you're struggling, getting some form of feedback from an instructor is essential: "The tutoring sessions, and reviews  at last few months helped me to know the obstacles that hinder my speaking score to shoot up."




More about the tutors at NoteFull:


Medhat understood one crucial element about his success was getting help and guidance. Through NoteFull, he learned a lot about himself and how to get that magic 26. He discovered:



  • How many hesitations were in his speech, how this was limiting his score, and how to break the "ummm... uhhh" habit.


  • How to analyze and improve his notes for better answers and precision. 


  • How to change the way he looked at himself AND the TOEFL. Tutoring can help you become more self confident about yourself and how to be "a fighter instead of a person didn't have a spirit."




The unbelievable feeling of success after struggle!


After taking the TOEFL a total of 17 times, Medhat finally did it! AND he did a fantastic job, too. Imagine...Medhat started his TOEFL journey with a total score of 55, but at the end, he hit a 101!



R22, L28, S26 , W25



He's nearly DOUBLED his original TOEFL score. Let that sink in for a moment... How impressive is that?!



Now that he's finished, he says, "I feel I can breathe, I have a goal in my life, I see life brighter, and joyful. Now I'm able to smile, and spend more time with my family especially my son which gave me joy nothing else can give to me."




Medhat's final words for all students taking the TOEFL:


"I would like to say for every student struggling with this test, never feels that you're foolish or have limited skills this exam is really hard. Never give up, always says that this practice, or test I will take might be a step, or the last step toward my victory. Take a session with any of the great teachers of NOTEFULL to diagnose your problems, then put a plan to work on them to improve your skills. When I got my scores for the first test, I told myself I never will pass any section, but after studying hard, I got 29 in reading, and listening  many times, just work hard, and trust God that will make you one day celebrate, and take my place in this page."



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As Student of the Month, you will be interviewed by NoteFull and profiled on this page.


This is a great opportunity for you to inspire others with your story or just brag about your success. And just as you're reading this now, know that your story will continue to inspire others towards success for years to come.


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