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Here are two fast points about this question.


First, a high word-count on this question won’t guarantee a high score (remember that content is king; you need good content with a high word-count).


Second, use the easiest examples you can write well with, but don’t write the simplest. What's the difference? One example: it’s better to write an example about your career or studies than what you did at the park. Referencing more “professional” experiences will allow you to write better and use more advanced vocabulary. It's not being simple but still being easy because both experiences are yours. They're both about what you know well.


How your grammatical strength affects your score 


How much does your grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and sentence complexity (what we at NoteFull call your writing "mechanics") affect your score? A lot, but not as much as you think. That's why it's last in the list.


Of course, you need good mechanics, but too many students study grammar instead of develop listening skill and overall writing skill in preparation for the TOEFL writing section, which is a massively ineffective way to study. Content mastery first and writing mechanics second. Remember that. Remember that. Remember that. Following these videos is key.


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Abdyrakhman Sulaiman wrote on Thursday January 26, 2017 5:25am
Hello one more time! Could you rate may second essay and give me a feedback to as.eluhcun@gmail.com ////Should a new movie theater be built in your neighborhood?//// Movies are part of our daily life, sometimes we can find our role model form there. Some of us really want to live in such a life as in movies. We can not neglect the advantages of movies as well as movie theaters. If there a new movie theater will be built, I will wholeheartedly encourage it because of convincing reasons. I will explain them as following: The first reason for supporting such a new movie theater is that it will provide local people with the plethora of joyfullnes and happyness. Nowadays almost all people seem to be unhappy and upset with a face like a wet weekend, and I do not want to see them in such a way. I think, happyness is up to us, we can make our people more happy in the light of recreational places; movie theaters, restaurants and game centers. So, in my opinion, a new movie center can be seen as factor that makes them happy. At weekends, local people can go with their families and friends in order to watch a fresh movies, and talk and have walk there. For instance, my weekends seem to be as dull as dishwater. If there is a new movie center, I can ask my girlfriend out to theater and enjoy films. Secondly, there is a huge different between watching films at home and at the movie theather. Modern advanced- facilitated movie theaters suggest a realistic atmoshpere where you feel yourself as one of the actors of films. New technological advancements in the realm of movie making could produce new types of movies,such as HD and 3D or 7D, which are so distinguishable from ordinary movies. When you watch them you will have a voracious appetite for watching again and again. So owing to such advantages, people will frequently visit the new theater. Finally, our local people will be able to watch new movies as soon as film makers launch new films to show. In general, our community lacking such developlment, is not aware of newly-filmed movies. We watch movies when the suburban people have already watched. If there a new theater we can watch newly- launched films immediately So overall I do agree with the plan of a new movie theater. Because it will be a foundation of our local people’s socializing and concsious about new films.

Susan Atai wrote on Tuesday January 17, 2017 7:59am
Hello. my name is Susan from Afghanistan. can you please review my essay and give me a feed back please susan@adib.af. Thank you for your great site.\r\n\r\nHuman being have been created in a way that they never can be satisfied with what they already have in their life and always desire for something they don\'t have. I agree that people cannot be satisfied with what they have in their life and most of the time they are looking for something which is lacking in their lives. I will explore why I am agree with the topic in this essay.\r\nTo begin with, this have been proven psychologically that what people have turn into something valueless for them as they can see what they have always and they start thinking, that this is what all people have and is nothing special. In the other what people don\'t have, however, can be too small and valueless than what we think, because we don\'t have it, we desire to have it in our lives. As a personal experience I want to state the next example. My cosine had a desk which she used to study while we both were going to school, but I had my own separate room. She was good at studies and I wasn’t, I always was thinking that it is because she can comfortably study using the desk and I having a separate room cannot study that well because I don\'t have the desk.\r\nMoreover, people not being satisfied with what they have, can be a reason of human beings ambitus natures and I can say it is a good thing. Some people are more ambitious than the others, but less or more we all have our ambitions, we all ask for more and desire more. As an example I can provide a story from my work place. We were 25 people in office and only one new positions was announced, the one who wanted to get promoted already start getting ready, but some people already were ready for it. The only people who was not excited about it, were the one who whether were too scared to lose the current job or lost hope for promotion. \r\nI agree that people are not satisfied with what they have and desire for more. People have this desire because they stop to see the value of what they have and if this become an ambition for them, we can say it is a good thing.

Prakriti Neupane wrote on Saturday January 7, 2017 7:04pm
hello my name is Prakriti Neupane. please help to rate my essay. I wrote it on jan 5 2017 question:- Playing computer games is waste of time. Children should not be allowed to play games. Children love playing computer games. Many children are busy on playing games on computer. There are many games that are popular among the children. Games like ben10, car race are popular games that are available in computer. Children are busy on playing these types of games on computer. Playing games for certain period of time is very helpful for the relaxation of our mind but it should not be played more. Though some games are helpful for their studies but many of them are just waste of time. Many children are busy on paying games on computer and are wasting their precious time to play games . Some computer games are so violent, that may impact negatively to children. Recently in India one small boy fire with the real gun to his friend. He gave statement that he just want to accomplish his mission as like he did in his games. He did not know that it may harm his friend. From this example we can illustrate that playing games is not only waste of time also it impact children negatively. Thus, parents should be aware of children game of interest. Nowadays computer games are being more popular. There are many computer games; mario , moto-g, car race, and many more. Smartphones has made easy to play games in mobiles. Candy crush, subway surfer, color switch are popular games among the children. It is easy to download games via internet. Even there are many interesting games that are available on Facebook. Thus, availability of more games on internet can encourage children to spend their more times on playing games. Children should not spend their more time on computer games. It is their precious time for study. Similarly, playing computer games are not best choice that children should make. Rather than that children should play some outdoor games such as soccer, football, basketball, cricket and many more. These games are so helpful for the growth of their healthy mind. Similarly, spending more time on computer can be harmful for their eyes. Parents should encourage their children to play outdoor game rather than computer games. Many children who are spending their more time on computer games are living in their virtual world. Parents should encourage them towards the real world rather than virtual world. Outdoor games may help children to be extrovert whereas computer games may push them to be introvert. Maximum of today's children are living in their virtual world. Now it is time to push them to their real world. Thus, parents should not allow their children to spend their more time on computer games.

hi my name is Kumari . Pls help to rate my essay. wrote on Sunday December 25, 2016 10:31am
In a modern society people always choose something for based on different various types of reasons. Most of the time people choose something based upon on the profitable reasons. This topic is also much debated one. Because depend on the personal experience, personality type, and emotional concern, we can find that some people attend to college or university for many numerous different profitable reasons. From my point of view, reasons are for this point are listed as below. The main reason for my propensity that attend college or university is that a good preparation for career and earn more money. Let me contrast furthermore. For an example, students are planning to learn the particular subject for find a good career. Because some highly paid highly-paid jobs are required university or college qualifications. Also, some of the employers who are the owners often multinational companies are looking highly educated employees for their company to improve their profit gaining. Move over, Some employees need to get the promotion for increase their salaries. But their lack of education is a barrier for that. Then some of are attending college or university to add a value to their curriculum vitae. In addition, subject specialization is a high education qualification for employees, such as computer programming. Hence Some of the people attend college or university to get specialized subject knowledge. Another reason is that personal fulfillment and gets a new experience. For an instant, some young adults attend college or university for enjoying the learning process. Such as, learning their own favorite subjects and get self-accomplishment of learning new things. Moreover, some young student attends college or school for getting new experiences, such as gather with lots of friends, keep the close relationship with another gender, start love affairs. From the above reasons, such as preparation for the career, earn more money, fulfillment and get new experience are the reasons that sagacious to support to the statement.

Jahangir Alam wrote on Saturday December 3, 2016 10:12am
Could you please rate my essay? please please please please please please please please. Myemail: jalam.phy66@gmail.com Question: Do u agree or disagree with the following statement? ''Teacher should not express their social or political veiws known to students in the class'' use specific reason to support your answer. Answer: It is unneeded to demonstrate that how the notions and arguments of each people takes issue from one another. While some may feel th political in the classroom, some other conceive that teacher should. However, it is unavoidable that these two different themes posses some rewards over each other and also have some drawbacks. In this case, from my view, I disagree with the statement that teacher should not express their social or political veiws known to students in the class room. Mty perspective, on the whole, involves the rudimentary and profound illustration as follows. First of all, the most prominent reason of my standpoints is that teacher is a guide. so they will guide their student by expressing their social or political thought. For example, when i admitted to the university for pursuing my graduation, i involved with politics in my first year. one day one of my favorite professor was discussed the contemporary politics and it negative impact on student life, which made me vibrating and i escaped me from politics. in this case , he saved my student life. Thus this make clear that teacher should express their views in class for guiding the students. Moreover, the most important and equally compelling statement which attracts the people's concentration is that a teacher is a good leader as well as a good thinker. So a teacher will lead the nation by their thinking. For instance, when i was a student of second year honor, one of my favaorate professor disscused about the degreation of young generation because it was an concerning issue on that time. we will concioused about that. therefore , form this its becomes quite evident that teacher should share their opinion about the social matters. On the other hand, some may beleive that in certatain condition if teacher share their views about social or political metter, then the student may feel biased about the teacher's views without thinking twice. Notwithstanding this alone does not establish a sufficient backup to claim that teacher should not express their social or political veiws known to students in the classroom. As the matter of fact, these faces too specific and hence too light to fortify this conclusion. In the summary, although some individuals still remain dubious, the elements and evidences which i have dissected at least make them more cognizant of the versatile dimension of the issue under discussion. there is a little uncertainty that more and more people will come to realize that teacher should express their social or political views known to students in the classroom
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Abdulwahed wrote on Thursday November 24, 2016 7:23pm
kindly rate my writing? It is essential to recognize the importance of sport in our life. And the difference that it could make, whether individual or as a team.although many people argue that individual sport is better,there are several reasons for why I support the team sports, and these will be the focus of my essay. Everyone looking for improving his skills, this would not be achieved without sharing experiences and realizing the strengths and weaknesses points. For example, to attain new skill, someone should learn from some of the team members who are more skillful and talented in certain areas, where it is not attainable by other team members. while you can teach the techniques and talent so that the benefits will be shared by the whole team. Football team basketball,etc, are a live example of a team, every player is important in his position, even though if the level of individuals are varied, the win and loss will be considered as a result of the team performance as a whole including the coach. The emotions, enthusiasms, and positive feelings are very significant elements, they can make the team more cooperative and initiative due to the nature of competition among the team; every player will try his best to show off his ability to accomplish the team goals. All for one and one for all, when a member not in good shape and his performance is low, he will find support from the others, this is the beauty of the team. It has to be uplifting for those who are struggling to meet the expectations of the team and supporters. In summary, the team sport is a place where someone may explore many positive aspects related to the beloved sports, it enriches experiences and builds up skills and techniques.

yogesh wrote on Thursday November 17, 2016 6:37am
hats off to your essay..\r\nwell organized and the vocab is at the top.