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The TOEFL evaluates your English level and does so through reading, listening, speaking, and writing material. You already know this. You knew this long ago. What I'm sure you also know is that all of this material that is going to be used to test your English comes from somewhere. Where exactly? From the basic courses you would take in any undergraduate university. What kinds of courses? The ones that deal with the following:


Art, Life Science, Physical Science, Social Science


These big course categories represent the large sphere of topics that you will be asked about for the listening and other sections. 


Art: architecture, city planning, cave/rock art, music history and theory, the history of photography, famous American and British authors

Life science: animal adaptation, animal behavior, animal communication, animal extinction, fish biology (how they move, mate, and eat)

Physical science: astronomy, atmosphere science, glaciers, oceanography, weather science, seismology (earthquakes)

Social science: anthropology, child development, the industrial revolution, urbanization

Below you'll find the video on the most common topic on the TOEFL. If you've taken it more than once, there's almost no way you haven't come across a lecture, conversation, or reading about:


Cave Art



Watch this video more than once if you find it interesting. It will help you expand your vocabulary and understanding when you listen to, or read about, it on your next TOEFL.


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