Listening for greatest comprehension


There's no better way to prepare for success than to know exactly what to expect. In this section we're going to break down the TOEFL listening for you. This way, you'll have a clear idea of what to expect and that will set you up to be better prepared and better understand the conversations and lectures.


If you've never taken the test before, pay careful attention. If you have taken the TOEFL before, review with focus. It will make a difference in your score.


TOEFL listening overview


Whether you’re familiar with the exam or not. The following will explain every detail of the listening section and how to attack it. You won't find instructional material designed to create your success in this manner anywhere for free. So please review and study with care.


Sometimes, when something is free, we don't value it because of that. This is different; it's free because of NoteFull's philosophy: fundamental education should be a resource open to everyone without limit. Everyone here at NoteFull is a teacher at heart. Of course, we do offer more intense programs with focused tutoring, passionate personal reviews of your work, and even more detailed strategies, instructions, and TOEFL practice that you must register for. Regardless, know that NoteFull is here for you whether you're ready to register for a more intense program or whether you find this free, powerful email course perfect for you. NoteFull is by your side and will be with you until you achieve success. Good luck and enjoy!


Now, back to the TOEFL listening: when you finish the reading section, the listening section will follow. The instructions will appear on the screen for the section and they will be read out loud to you. Take this time to prepare yourself and make sure that you have a full set of 3 clean sheets of note-paper and your pencil is sharp and ready to write. If you don’t have any of these things, raise your hand and ask the proctor (the individual giving the exam) to provide you with whatever you are missing so that you’re fully prepared.


TOEFL listening structure


You will go through the listening section in sets of 3. Each set contains the following:


    1 conversation: 3-5 minutes between a man and a woman

    1 lecture: 4-6 minutes of a professor delivering a speech by him- or herself

    1 discussion lecture: 4-6 minutes of a professor interacting with students


You will have the following number of questions for each listening:


    1 conversation: 5 questions

    1 lecture: 6 questions

    1 discussion lecture: 6 questions


That’s a total of 17. You will have 10 minutes to complete these 17 questions.


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