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Finishing on time is a choice; you can always finish on time and with a calm, cool focus. How? The timer dictates when you choose and move on to the next question and NOT how fast you rush through the strategy you just learned. Doing so will destroy your score.


What you saw in the video above was carefully constructed to help you understand how to study and improve. You likely won't start that smooth on the TOEFL or in your studies. Why? You're learning. You're getting better. When you can work through what you learned in the video effectively under timed TOEFL conditions, you'll be scoring 28+ on the reading.


Why are we telling you this? Because you can't rush through the steps outlined in our strategy and develop the kind of mastery that will lead to a higher TOEFL reading score for you. 


Let's say that you're following strategy for a certain question type on your TOEFL reading section. This question type has 5 steps. Now, you should know by now that you have about 1 minute and 20 seconds to complete each question--of course, some questions can take more time than others, so you don't have to be exact to that time but you need to be close. 


How should you complete those 5 steps? Should you rush to finish them all within 1 minute and 20 seconds? Absolutely not. What you must do to earn your highest TOEFL reading score possible is go through each step with focus and energy, just as you saw in the video. Energy means that you work hard and fast, which is very different from rushing. This way, you'll build your TOEFL reading skills and choose better answers, which yields a high score fast.


What may happen is that when you look at the timer and see that your 1 minute and 20 seconds are up, you'll only be on the 3rd step. That's okay. You must now guess and move on. That's the key. Your job is to choose according to the timeline NoteFull provided you.


Again, choose the best answer according to our timeline--even when you're not comfortable and even when you're guessing. This will raise your score.


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About 20 to 30% of our students succeed with this free TOEFL material alone; 70 to 80%, however, need more help. So, before you start, know that if you're struggling as you study our free course or you want more help to reach your dream score faster, more help is available.


Simply click on the answer to the question below and the few questions that will follow and you'll find the best NoteFull program to reach your dream score. Success is on its way.

































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