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Today we would like to highlight our first Student of the Month, Vanan Saravanan, from India. Vanan began studying in December of 2011 with NoteFull’s 12-step Speaking program. Later on, he upgraded to the 12-step Speaking + Review system. He submitted his first Speaking Practice Test on December 26th, 2012 and focused on improving from the start.


On his first practice test, Vanan received a 24-26/30. He was a clear and smooth speaker with great pronunciation, but he was too fast. Also, he struggled with his notes, which affected his timing. Vanan was going to have to put in some serious work if he wanted to hit his speaking goal score: 30.


His instructor, Megan, gave him hours of homework to help him control his speed and perfect his notes. Vanan studied attentively on those two specific assignments. When he submitted his next practice test, he displayed huge improvements in speed and note-taking. On that test, Vanan jumped a point higher. This consistent study and review continued, with him submitting a new practice test every 5-7 days. When Vanan’s original TOEFL exam was postponed a month, he continued to master his skills and purchased 2 Additional Reviews. Overall, he worked with NoteFull’s Review system for 2 months and submitted ten practice tests. With every review, Vanan studied his homework and activities 15-20 hours, and with every practice test, he improved. By his last speaking submission on February 26th, 2013, Vanan obtained a 27-29/30. That’s 3-6 points higher than his first submission in just 2 months!


Vanan wrote in to the NoteFull Team on March 13th with some great news. He received a 108 on the exam! His individual scores were:


Reading: 26

Listening: 24

Writing: 29

Speaking: 29


Vanan’s goal is to ultimately attend a top U.S. university in computer science. He never took the TOEFL before, knowing that it was going to take a lot of hard work and preparation to reach his goal. When asked how he did it, Vanan said that he always made sure to study hard all the homework and suggestions given in each review. He remarked that NoteFull was the best preparation program because it used true and accurate TOEFL questions and provided comprehensive and personal feedback. He said NoteFull stood out from the rest because of the constant motivation, citing specifically that the inspiration videos and real recorded tutoring sessions between Joseph and other students were a powerful confidence booster.


In regard to his goals outside of the TOEFL, Vanan said that the NoteFull strategies have made him a more effective note-taker and more competent communicator. The skills he learned at NoteFull will help him be a better student, learner, and overall speaker of English.


Vanan’s hard work with NoteFull has made the NoteFull Team proud. His efforts and dedication make him a model student and that is why we have chosen to make him our very first Student of the Month. We wish Vanan the very best success in his future endeavors and hope to continue a deep and personal relationship with him. Way to go, Vanan!


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As Student of the Month, you will be interviewed by NoteFull and profiled on this page.


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