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NoteFull would like to introduce Kousar Sadeghzadeh from Iran! Kousar has been working hard to gain acceptance into a PhD program in Marketing. Now, she is one step closer to that dream!

Kousar studied for approximately two months before she took the TOEFL. In the early stages of her studies, she used a variety of test preparation materials and texts. However, they just didn't provide the help she was looking for; she stated, "to be frank, they didn't help me at all...those other resources seemed to be a waste of time," but in those days she hadn't yet heard about NoteFull.



Kousar's one-month study plan:

After about one month of working with ineffective study materials, she stumbled upon NoteFull as she was searching online. NoteFull's resources were the perfect solution for her.  NoteFull offers free YouTube videos, free forum access, and free instructional content through it's Free TOEFL Course. As a student who is based in Iran, she felt lucky to find a TOEFL preparation site that offers so many free resources.

As she studied, one of her greatest difficulties was the stress of the test. She explained that she had to overcome this each day by putting in 3-4 hours of study. Kousar did this daily for the final month of preparation. For at least 3 hours, she would review the strategies and watch the motivational videos on the NoteFull site. She added:

"Believe me, NoteFull is a MAGIC!  Just try its strategies and you'll see what I mean...they made my stress to almost fade away..."

In mastering the strategies, Kousar learned the power of repetition. Like NoteFull teaches, she stopped going through endless practice tests. She focused on a few and practiced with them until the strategies were perfect.

She urgues, "Don't be worried about what the question would be in the real exam. There are always questions out there that we are not familiar with! But if you master the answer structure, you will find an answer to any question!"

And that's precisely what she did. She recorded her voice and monitored her weaknesses. As she kept a close eye on the elements that needed improvement, like time-management and structure, she was able to start using NoteFull strategies to improve until she mastered each skill.

Kousar's speedy success:

With NoteFull's instructional content and videos, she studied for only one month, and was able to hit a 98 on the TOEFL. Kousar took the TOEFL only  once. It was on this first attempt that she was able to earn the following scores:

R 20, L 27, S 24, and W 27

When we spoke to her about her success, she considered the idea of taking the exam again to continue to improve her TOEFL Reading scores. She also mentioned the following:

"I'm imagining of the score I could hit if I study for 3 months with NoteFull!? Wow! maybe a score of 105?! or more..."

She feels overjoyed by the idea that she'll now be able to interact with academics from all around the world and increase her knowledge and experience to become a successful professor someday. And we know she can do it!

Kousar's advice to students who are still struggling:

"Friends, do not waste time reading thick books for TOEFL, NoteFull has already been invented! to help us with the stressful time preparing for the test! COME ON! TRY IT. I've had the hard time, too but...NoteFull is your best friend to succeed on the toefl."

And you will succeed, too, like Kousar. Every section of the TOEFL has key elements that must be mastered to acheive success. Know that you'll learn and are learning each of those with NoteFull. The result will be your success, as long as you stay in touch and stay focused.


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