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NoteFull is pleased to introduce NoteFull's next Student of the Month:  Abdulmajeed Muhammad Kabir from Nigeria!



Abdulmajeed had been studying for the TOEFL for his postgraduate applications, but because Abdulmajeed had not yet completed his undergraduate coursework and requirements at Osun State University, he found it challenging to balance everything. In addition to that, he was also simultaneously preparing for a big competition, working on the GRE exams, and he was also pretty distracted by Eid Kabir, one of the most important religious holidays celebrated by Muslims across the globe.  In short, finding time to prepare for the TOEFL was difficult. 



Furthermore, because he had never taken the TOEFL before, he wasn't sure about how to organize his time and go about studying for the test. He states that he "started practicing for the TOEFL for about two months haphazardly, but eventually faced it squarely for 3 weeks and used NoteFull as a guide."



It was at this time that he studied approximately 10 hours per week. He also mentioned the following:



"I'm more of a person who enjoys studying when in the right mood. I know when I learn best, and I know when I'd probably just be wasting my time. So knowing your strength and weaknesses I believe is paramount."



Remember, that we also urge you to study when you're fresh, energized and motivated. Like Abdulmajeed says, study when you're "in the right mood." 



How did NoteFull Help Abdulmajeed?



For Abdulmajeed, using NoteFull's Free Course and YouTube videos provided a lot of content and material. He believes that those resources provided the fundamental hints, tips, and methodology behind answering the TOEFL questions.



He said that the way NoteFull's sections are thoroughly explained, the in-depth analysis, the explanation of the quick notes you need to take, the advice on timing, practice, and the words of encouragement are all elements that helped him succeedFor a complete guide to improving these skills, the following system is the best option out there: Complete TOEFL Mastery.



Most importantly, Abdulmajeed believes that the most important thing NoteFull provided him with is "courage!"



Abdulmajeed's TOEFL scores & Final Advice:



In total, he earned a tremendous 110/120, with the following score breakdowns: R26, L26, S28, and W30.


Getting those high-level score is tough, but Abdulmajeed says that it comes down to diligence, zeal, courage, self-confidence, determination, and most importantly, PRACTICE! Here are his final words to you:



"Make NoteFull your companion. Envision your score yourself and work towards it. Practice and get that much needed confidence."



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If you think that you have what it takes to become NoteFull's next Student of the Month, please send us an email with your story of success to


We look forward to receiving your success story. Whether you're working with an ESL or TOEFL system or through our Free TOEFL Course, we have seen your commitment to greatness and look forward to rewarding you for your hard work next month!


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As Student of the Month, you will be interviewed by NoteFull and profiled on this page.


This is a great opportunity for you to inspire others with your story or just brag about your success. And just as you're reading this now, know that your story will continue to inspire others towards success for years to come.


Also, every Student of the Month receives a coveted NoteFull t-shirt! Wear it with pride when you get it because you deserve it.






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