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Everyone at NoteFull is excited to present our next Student of the Month: Mena Seha from Egypt!



Mena was studying for the TOEFL for the past year in order to reach his goals and earn his license as a Foreign Pharmacist in the United States. Mena worked hard and finally reached his goals with NoteFull. Take a look at his story to learn how he did it!




Mena's challenges starting out:



Mena began his TOEFL journey in March of last year, when he took his first test. At that time he earned the following scores: R 24, L 26, S 23, and W 22. Throughout the last year, like many other TOEFL students, he took the exam several times and found little time to study in between. Mena was also working as a pharmacy technician. With a family, trying to balance work and home life was hard enough. Studying for the TOEFL added an extra difficulty to his already hectic life.



He also says that he thought, initially, that he could pass the TOEFL easily, with just a little bit of focus. He admits, that he soon realized he was wrong. He knew he needed help and that's when he decided to register with NoteFull.




How did Mena attack the TOEFL with NoteFull?



Mena started studying with NoteFull with both 3-step Writing and 3-step Speaking. However, he decided to later upgrade simply and easily to incorporate tutoring and review. The programs he selected to ensure he succeeded were the 12-step Writing + Review and 12-step Speaking + Tutoring + Review systems. With these two systems, he studied a total of 10 hours per week on both sections.



For Writing, Mena found that the reviews were a great way to find out more about his grammar and sentence structure. Learning how to write clearly in his essays helped him reach the highest Writing score he ever achieved!



For Speaking, he was able to meet with an instructor who highlighted his weaknesses and helped him focus on what really mattered. He also says "I have never dreamed that I could get 'good' in crazy questions 4 and 6, but I did it with the NoteFull tips in tutoring and reviews."



On his way to his FPGEC and future career!



After about 2 months of studying with the NoteFull team of Master Instructors, Mena achieved the following results:

Reading: 26 - Listening: 30 - Speaking: 26 - Writing: 25 Total of 107/120



Now that Mena has passed, he's "very excited" to move forward to the next step and he looks forward to the day when he finally earns the much coveted FPGEC, or Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Certificate.


Mena's final tips and words of encouragement:



1. Record your answers and listen to the way you speak under TOEFL conditions.

2. If you're stuck at a 23, try reviews and tutoring.

He also says:"The bottom line is: do not give up or lose  your faith...these courses will save your time, money and effort. To be honest with you, I didn't believe that at the beginning, but here I am, I passed after just 2 months of starting the reviews and tutoring. You can do it, you will do it. Study with passion."



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