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Tutoring Questions:


1) Does my system come with tutoring sessions; if not, how can I add them to my account?


2) How should I use the tutoring sessions in my account?


3) How does tutoring work?


4) When are tutoring sessions offered?


5) How often should I schedule my tutoring sessions?


6) Who should I book my tutoring session with?


7) How can I cancel or reschedule my appointment?


Question #1 back to top


1) Does my system come with tutoring sessions; if not, how can I add them to my account?


NoteFull systems come in four types of packages:


1) self-study

2) with review

3) with tutoring

4) with tutoring and review

5) points


Sometimes students aren't sure which type of system they have. When you register be sure to note whether your system title says "+ Tutoring"--this is how you should be able to determine quickly if you have tutoring in your account. If you are unsure at any point, please don't hesitate to send us an email. 


If you do not have Reviews, but would like to receive them, you can do so at any time, by using the "For Tutoring" or the "Extra Tutoring" menu options in your system. Here is a link for your convenience:


8 NoteFull Points (72)


If you are unsure about whether you should register for reviews, please let us know. We'd be glad to schedule a convenient time to speak with you about your concerns and doubts. 



Question #2 back to top


2) How should I use the tutoring sessions in my account?


Students often register for multiple systems at NoteFull to ensure that they improve and succeed in all sections of the TOEFL exam. Each tutoring session you book will cover only one section of the TOEFL. Therefore, you may be confused about the sections you should focus on.


The best way to decide which sections require tutoring sessions is by looking at your test results. Some students are only 1-2 points away from their goals, but are still struggling to get over that hump.  If you've been taking the TOEFL consisently and are having trouble getting the score you require after 2+ attempts, this means that tutoring is absolutely something you should consider. 


Also, some sections are more difficult to improve than others. Here is a quick list to help you prioritize and determine which sections require tutoring:


1) Speaking - this is typically the most difficult to improve, particularly if you're look for a score that's high-level (25+). 

2) Reading - this is usually the second most difficult section to improve. The reason for this is because both reading comprehension and reading strategies are difficult to improve rapidly. Furthermore, students tend to find the time constraints particularly challenging to overcome. 

3) Writing - this can be challenging to improve. However, reviews are also a fantastic alternative for most students. Take a tutoring session here if you've tried to reach your score 2+ times and have already tried NoteFull reviews. 

4) Listening - this also can be a tricky section, but is often considered the easiest section on the TOEFL. Very few students require tutoring here, but if you are truly struggling and have taken the TOEFL 2+ without reaching your score, you should consider tutoring here. 


Finally, when in doubt, never hesitate to write in and share your concerns. We'll help you make the best decisions possible so that you can hit your dream scores!


Question #3 back to top




3) How does tutoring work?


NoteFull has helped students overcome a variety of struggles in preparing for the TOEFL. Students register for tutoring for numerous different reasons and come into their sessions with varying struggles and expectations.



NoteFull's expert instructors will be able to quickly determine your weaknesses and give you direction on how to improve. So, if you're struggling to identify your weaknesses or not sure what to focus on, don't worry; you can trust that your instructor will know exactly what to do and will lead you to success. However, if there is something you'd like to focus on specifically in your session, please feel free to let us know.



Sessions usually unfold in 1 of 3 ways:



1. Skill development/strategy building: Your tutor will identify one or more specific weaknesses and work with you on developing the skill or mastering the specific strategy necessary for improvement. In these sessions we may only focus on 1-2 questions in order to work towards skill or strategy mastery.



2. Question practice: During your session, you will work through multiple practice questions under actual TOEFL conditions, and your instructor will provide feedback and scores for your responses. In these sessions, we’ll go through as many questions as we can in order to focus on assessing your current level in either Reading, Listening, Speaking, or Writing.



3. Stress reduction/confidence building: Your tutor will work with you on identifying any causes of stress or doubt that might be limiting your success and will provide you with direction on how to overcome such psychological limitations. In these sessions, we may go over 1-2 questions or we may not go over any at all. The point here is to help you get into the right frame of mind to overcome the stress and psychological difficulty of the test. Here, at NoteFull, we always work hard to instill confidence in our students... We know you can do it!


If you're ready right now to get started with your first session with an expert TOEFL instructor, click here for more information: NoteFull Tutoring.




What to expect in tutoring back to top


If you don't already have a program (e.g., 3-step TOEFL Mastery, 12-step Speaking, etc.). This is okay, your instructor will know what to do and how to guide you. But, to improve as quickly and as carefully as possible, we recommend that you have a 3-step program for the section in which you'll receive tutoring. Be sure to ALWAYS send in your Pre-meeting form so that your instructor knows exactly what programs and materials you are using.



Here is an outline for what to expect on the day of your session:



Also, many of you wonder whether you'll be required to use your webcam throughout your tutoring sessions. This is not mandatory, as some of you do not have webcams; however, to have the best session possible, using your webcam is encouraged. This will allow us to observe how you're working through the TOEFL tasks and enable us to assess more effectively. 


Question #4 back to top




4) When are tutoring sessions offered?


This schedule may be subject to change. But if you have questions about scheduling an appointment, please don't hesitate to let us know at StudentHelp@NoteFull.com:





All of our tutoring times take place on Monday through Saturday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Also, our sessions are in Eastern Standard Time (New York Time). Use the link below to convert this time to your local time. Also, the clock below shows NoteFull's current time and the clock used for our tutoring schedule.



Time in New York 


If you cannot find an appointment in the calendar that fits your schedule, please let us know and we'll try our best to accommodate your needs. We look forward to seeing you in a tutoring session soon!


Question #5 back to top



5) How often should I book my tutoring sessions?


To make sure that you're making improvements in between your sessions, limit your sessions to two per week. You should always send in your Pre-meeting Homework Completion form before you schedule any sessions. This is the best way to improve and take full advantage of each of your powerful sessions.


Question #6 back to top


6) Who should I book my tutoring session with?


Anyone and everyone. All NoteFull instructors are highly trained and certified NoteFull master TOEFL instructors. Each NoteFull master TOEFL instructor takes the TOEFL every 3 months. All have earned perfect scores in the sections they teach . . . as have many of the students they instruct. 


Question #7 back to top


7) How can I cancel or reschedule my appointment?


Cancelling your appointments:


If you need to cancel, you can do so on your own through your account with the appointment scheduler. You can use the link you received in our response to your Pre-meeting Homework Completion form. However, if you are having trouble doing this on your own, don't hesitate to write in for help at StudentHelp@NoteFull.com. We'll be glad to cancel it for you.


Please cancel 24 hours in advance so that we can let other students have an opportunity to take the time. Unfortunately, if we don't receive 24 hours notice the session will still be counted as used even though it wasn't completed. This is just to ensure that you have as many sessions open for you as possible.



Rescheduling your appointments:


Remember that NoteFull's tutoring calendar fills up fast. If you find that you'll need to reschedule your appointment for any reason, please let your tutor know 24 hours in advance. He or she would be glad to help you change the date and time of your session. 







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