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1) How do I select a system that's right for me?


2) How do I know if I need tutoring or reviews?


3) When should I consider ESL Power?


4) Will my system, reviews, or tutoring ever expire?


5) Will you send me anything in the mail?


6) Do you provide classes in person, at a physical location?


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1) How do I select the system that's right for me?


First, check out our How Do I Choose My TOEFL Program page. It will guide you through our programs, how they work, and it lets you know exactly which one is right for you depending on your situation. Trust us; it will determine the perfect program for you.


Second, remember that we're all about your success. As a result, we make it easy to upgrade if you find that you need more help. All you have to do is register for the program that matches your fit and if you find that you need more, don't worry; we explain how to upgrade (while paying nothing extra) within the program.


Third, if you want to double check to ensure that you have the right program. Let us know what program you're thinking of registering for and your situation. Here are the details you should also always consider and provide us with to receive the best, most accurate recommendation possible:


1) Let us know if you have or haven't taken the TOEFL in the past.

2) Your last exam scores (if you've taken the TOEFL).

3) How many times you've taken the exam (if you've taken the TOEFL).

4) Your goal scores.

5) Your next scheduled test date and any deadlines.


With that, we'll double check to make sure that you're starting strong, and we'll send you a link to get started with the systems that are best for you.




2) How do I know if I need tutoring or reviews?


First, check out our How Do I Choose My TOEFL Program page. It will guide you through our programs, how they work, and it lets you know exactly which one is right for you depending on your situation. Trust us; it will determine the perfect program for you.



Here are a couple of additional tips to consider if you're thinking about registering for reviews and/or tutoring:



1) If you have taken the exam at least 2-3 times and feel like you don't know what's holding you back or how to improve, then NoteFull Reviews are an excellent idea for you. Consistent, personal feedback over time provides the kind of help that little else can. You'll know exactly what you're doing that's holding your score back and how to improve it. 


 2) If you have taken the exam 4 times or more, NoteFull Tutoring is something you should absolutely consider. There's no doubt about it. At this point, your stress levels are probably very high and your confidence may need a lot of boosting. The goal of each session is to identify your strengths, challenges, and habits that have remained after careful study of our 3-step systems. Then, we review what you have done and must continue to do, explore new ways of improving, and continue our effort together to ensure your TOEFL success.




3) When should I consider ESL Power?


The content in our How Do I Choose My TOEFL Program page will guide you through our programs, how they work, and it lets you know exactly which one is right for you depending on your situation. However, sometimes students write in because they want to be 100% sure that they have all of the right resources they'll need to succeed.


For those of you who have taken the exam before and are having difficulty shooting your TOEFL score up above a 75, ESL Power is strongly recommended. TOEFL strategies are meant to help students with a certain level of English mastery, and with a score that falls below a 75, it's important to make sure that your fundamental English skills are stronger than they currently are. Please understand that this recommendation comes from years of experience and work with students. Click on the following link for further details: ESL Power



4) Will my system, reviews, or tutoring ever expire?


You'll be happy to know that your system will never expire. Regardless of whether you have a 1-step, 3-step, 6-step, or 12-step system, you'll always have access to your account, your system, and all of your materials--including your remaining reviews and tutoring sessions. 

If you lose access at any time, please let us know and we'll make sure that you get it back right away. This is so that you'll always be able to study to improve and because we know that many things come up over time, such as personal emergencies, that take your time and can delay your studies. 





5) Will you send me anything in the mail?


One of the great things about NoteFull's TOEFL and ESL systems is that they're all instantly accessible online. We do ask you for your shipping address, but this is simply for our student records. We will not send you any physical instructional content or materials. If you're having some trouble accessing or locating your system online, please let us know right away and we'll be glad to help point you in the right direction.




6) Do you provide classes in person, at a physical location?


At this time, we hold all of our classes online. Our tutoring sessions take place on Skype and we periodically host online webinars, too. This is great because no matter where you are located in the world, you can still meet with our Master Instructors. We're all excited to meet and work with you until you hit your goals!
































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