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1) What matters most in the minute your essays are graded


->Word count,

-> structure,

-> the clarity of your content,

-> grammatical strength (specifically with articles, subject-verb agreement, spelling, and punctuation).


That's it. The overwhelming influence of these points on your TOEFL writing score cannot be overemphasized because it's basically the only points graders examine in the minute they take to evaluate your essay.


Now for the fun part, it's time for you to learn NoteFull's tips, tricks, and secrets to apply this knowledge to earn the TOEFL writing score you need and make tremendous improvements in your TOEFL writing skill set.


First, let's review the basics to ensure that you know the essential points to the TOEFL writing if you've never taken the TOEFL before. If you have taken it before, it's time to review to make sure we have those critical basic points clearly understood.


2) The basics of the TOEFL writing for mastery back to top


As you should already know form our TOEFL overview section, the writing consists of 2 questions. Your writing score will range from 0 to 30 depending on your essays ratings. The ratings will be averaged and converted to a score of 30. 


Developing high scoring word count, structure, and content


We know that we have 2 questions, right? Each is different and requires its own specific strategy, so watch and enjoy the videos below to master them. Don’t forget to take great notes.


TOEFL iBT Writing: Question 1



Here are two fast points for this question.


First, it’s all about your notes and understanding. We receive questions often about what to do if you didn’t get all the points from the lecture. Our advice: do your best but you must work on your listening and note-taking skills. If your not sure how to do this, let us know with the form below so we can get you the help you need.


Second, once you have all of the important content in your notes, that’s all you need. 250 words is the number of words you need for a perfect score. If you write more than 250, that's fine but be careful. When we read essays beyond 250 from students that score 24 or below, they are often wordy, repetitive and lack clarity. So, be precise and exact. This doesn't mean to try to write less; it just means stick to your notes and don't write more just to have a higher word count.


TOEFL iBT Writing: Question 2



Here are two fast points about this question.


First, a high word-count on this question won’t guarantee a high score (remember that content is king; you need good content with a high word-count).


Second, use the easiest examples you can write well with, but don’t write the simplest. What's the difference? One example: it’s better to write an example about your career or studies than what you did at the park. Referencing more “professional” experiences will allow you to write better and use more advanced vocabulary. It's not being simple but still being easy because both experiences are yours. They're both about what you know well.


How your grammatical strength affects your score 


How much does your grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and sentence complexity (what we at NoteFull call your writing "mechanics") affect your score? A lot, but not as much as you think. That's why it's last in the list.


Of course, you need good mechanics, but too many students study grammar instead of develop listening skill and overall writing skill in preparation for the TOEFL writing section, which is a massively ineffective way to study. Content mastery first and writing mechanics second. Remember that. Remember that. Remember that. Following these videos is key.


BONUS: How to understand the e-raters affect on your score


Each essay you write is evaluated by a grader and a computerized e-rater (that’s right; the TOEFL is going to use a computer to assess half of your writing score).


Below is a special video that we created for you. It deals with the reality behind having half of your writing score determined by a computer. It was created because sometimes when we learn something new, we have doubts. That's normal, but don't have doubts with NoteFull. We eat, sleep, breath, and live the TOEFL, so take our advice 100%. 


Remember that our mission is divided into two points: 1) to help you--with your desire, work ethic, and strong will--to succeed; 2) to raise your expectation of the incredible quality and effectiveness of online education with NoteFull.


There's nothing like this anywhere for the TOEFL and it will clarify what you just learned, so please watch carefully. Enjoy!



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Sir , I am taking my toefl exam on 9th December, could you please send me some examples of writing section and how to take better and effective notes in listening, speaking and writing section

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