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#1 Most Important TOEFL Speaking Trick


Know the TOEFL better than TOEFL speaking raters do.


TOEFL speaking raters are trained to evaluate your speaking: you need to be better trained to deliver answers that they will award top scores to.


Over the past year we've gathered valuable information on the TOEFL speaking section and how to attack it. We've taken that information and put it through our curriculum development process and advanced teaching method.


After all that work, we are proud to present these videos to you to train you on delivering answers better than even the most experienced TOEFL raters are used to.


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TOEFL Speaking 26: Question 1 and 2 



Here are two fast key points worth repeating to ensure that you earn a top score on these tough questions:


First, in general, you should provide enough content to show that you're fluent, so record one of your answers and do a word count; it should be over 100 words. 


Second, you can be asked about anything. Sometimes, you'll have to adjust or modify the format to fit the question well. Your success on this question depends on how you stayed on topic and demonstrated your fluency with an intelligent development of your idea.


TOEFL Speaking 26: Question 3 



Here are the two key points. Be exact. Don't paraphrase. You are asked to report what you heard, not paraphrase it.


Also, remember that you're not just repeating your notes but using them to explain exactly why the student did or did not agree with the announcement.


TOEFL Speaking 26: Question 4 



The two key points? Don't say everything. You won't demonstrate fluency to the graders, you won't finish on time, and you won't earn a top score. Furthermore, explain how the lecture illustrates the definition.


One way to make sure that you do this is to underline the part of your notes (this should only be a few key words) that is most important in connecting the lecture to the definition. For example, if the definition is "light makes people happy" and your notes from the lecture are: "boy went outside; boy saw sun; boy felt light on face; boy felt happy." You should underline: "felt light on face" and "felt happy." 


TOEFL Speaking 26: Question 5 



Two points: say everything about the problem. For some reason many students summarize this and don't express the problem completely; don't be one of these students; you need the complete answer to get a top score on this question.


Also, don't stress the "even though" statements too much. I often hear students try to say so much in the "even though" statements that they don't have time for the more important "as" statements. So, if you don't finish this question on time, drop the "even though" statements.


TOEFL Speaking 26: Question 6 



One key point: keep it simple. There is so much to explain in this question that you don't need to focus on what's not 100% clear to you.


Instead, skip what is unclear; if you try to say it you'll be inaccurate and that will cost you points. Stick to what you know, say it, and move on. 


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