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Maximizing Your TOEFL Success With This Lesson back to top


Follow the 3 steps below for greatest success:


1) Go through this entire page to inspire yourself. Watch both videos and know with absolute confidence that you are on the path to TOEFL success and beyond!

2) Take notes on what inspired you most. Then, write those quotes into your S.M.A.R.T. TOEFL study plan to keep you confident and strong to hit your goal TOEFL score. 

3) Remember too that building TOEFL confidence will challenge you greatly as you study. It's easy to wonder, question, doubt, and worry. But, those emotions need to be accepted AND surpassed if you're serious about TOEFL success now.

There's nothing like being a part of something bigger to help you when you're feeling down, defeated, confused, or worried. That's what NoteFull is here for.

So, if you're struggling with stress, worry, or doubt, it's time to upgrade and get the help you need to defeat the TOEFL! Simply click on the image below and we'll recommend the TOEFL program you need for your exact situation. Let's defeat this TOEFL together, with confidence:



Do More Than Study back to top


Did you know that you are one of many NoteFull students pursuing advanced degrees in challenging disciplines: medicine, law, research science, business, teaching, etc.? Did you also know that unfortunately, you ignore basic tools that are scientifically proven to improve performance and reduce stress?


We know that this exam causes stress. If it doesn't for you, great; you don't really need to read this. But if you're a student who feels the stress of the exam limit your ability, then please pay careful attention to what we're teaching you on this page.


It's important not only to practice in public but to use all that science and research has to offer about peak performance. We both know that succeeding on the TOEFL is difficult when you're stressed.


Below is a link to a 22-minute video from a research scientist at one of the most prestigious business schools in the country and in it, she's going to explain how to set yourself up for success. An added bonus is that what you learn will apply to situations beyond the TOEFL.


She speaks to an audience of native speakers, so she's fast and she might be a bit difficult to understand. Don't get stressed if you can't understand her completely. Her point will be easy for you to pick up if you pay close attention, watch more than once if necessary, take notes, and don't try to understand everything she says but rather what she says that's most important. Click and enjoy.



A Confidence Building Clip back to top


Work until you get the result and it's only a matter of time. Stay strong! This clip is from the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness."



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