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This is the fun part. This is where you say goodbye to the TOEFL forever with a great big smile on your face and a wave goodbye. And, when you're struggling and looking to improve or when English or the TOEFL get you down, come here and know that success is on its way. Little by little, we will get there.


We also want to take a moment to thank each and every student who took the time and energy to share their success with everyone. Congratulations on your success and a heart-felt thank you from NoteFull for telling your story, explaining your process, and trusting us with your studies.


So, now, let's take all that we can from these success stories to rocket ourselves to mastery in every goal that we have.


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Every week NoteFull instructors come together to discuss your progress, the systems you are using, and better ways and technologies to teach you with. From those regular meetings, we have projects in the works non-stop. For example, we are currently offering a reading class that's free to current students of some of our programs and requires a small registration fee for non-students.


We are constantly adding videos, text, audio, example answers, and more based on the feedback that we're getting you through your phone class, emails, and general comments.


Stay strong. Our mission is to 1) get you to success and 2) through the process of teaching you, teach you better study habits, improve the ways you manage stress, and provide you an overall great experience while you're with us. One of our students put it best:


"Notefull is not a teaching program. Notefull is a commitment to success. If you join this ship, you will definitely get to the shore. Trust me. I went over all kinds of materials; none of them had the secret to success NoteFull does." --Zeina


TOEFL Takers, You Learn More Than Just Templates back to top


More than 40% of our students aim for top scores of 80 to 110+ to enter into undergraduate and graduate schools in the United States. Another 10% are working to teach their native language or science subjects in US schools and need the TOEFL to start or earn their teaching certificate. 


We are fortunate to have the faith and trust of international professional and superstar students like you and we take your TOEFL preparation extremely seriously. We waste no time and instruct you on every element that you need for success as quickly as possible.


This means that you'll learn more than just templates and phrases. Again, a word from your peers who have walked the same path might help.


"I got 101 points the first time that I took the exam. I followed the three-week self study course and it has worked out really well for me. It is true that when you are actually doing the exam the tension of the moment may reduce your score but NoteFull talks about this too. Thank you." --Jorge


"One of my friends told me about the Notefull. I believed my friend blindly and started my preparations. I followed every technique mentioned, especially the "Note-taking" technique. One month preparation with other material - 82/120. 5 days preparation with NoteFull - 97/120. Keep going Notefull Team!" --Pradeep


Pharmacists & Physical Therapists, Success IS Here back to top


Have faith, study hard, stay focused, and we will succeed. 35% of our students are foreign pharmacists and physical therapists looking to meet their TOEFL requirements. 


You may have spent years working to meet your pharmacy and physical therapy TOEFL requirements (R-21, L-18, S-26, W-24) with only stress, bills, and loss of sleep to show for it. But, your troubles are coming to an end. Success is on its way. Your hard work and focus is, of course, still necessary and critical, but things are about to change. Don't just take it from us. Listen to others who have walked the exact same path.


"I took the test more than 25 times, and each time I have to travel to the US since the board of pharmacy doesn't accept TOEFL results outside the US. I purchased Complete TOEFL Mastery. I studied hard. I took the test on Dec 8, 2012, and got the required scores with a total of 101! Now I am recommending this site to every pharmacist I know." --Dina


"I wanted to thank notefull team for very comprehensive and well organized courses. I got R-25, L-29, S-28, W-24, perfect for my needs to obtain a physical therapist license in Washington. I highly recommend NoteFull. Thanks again." --Gil


Here's a special video with tips for success and a moving story of a student who made it through the difficult process of hitting her requirement.



English Language Learners, ESL Power Is Here back to top


ESL Power is a special program we designed to help students like you looking for strong, fluent, high-level, academic English training. It came from nearly 5 years of consistent work. We took our experience over the years and created a program to fill in all the holes that we found in our students. Our goal was a program that would take a student to complete English fluency by the end. 


It's designed for students that have a high-beginner and low-intermediate level of English fluency for example, students that earned a 75 or fewer points on the TOEFL. We spread out the material over 24 engaging lessons that instruct, challenge, and move you to a stronger sense of confidence and greater fluency. Another English learner's words might help.


"I just want to say WOW! I am really enjoying ESL Power. It seems like math to learn English in NoteFull. Thank you." --Yoko





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jackie wrote on Thursday March 27, 2014 8:49pm
I\'m preparing for the toefl ibt and the pressure is getting higher since my examination day is fast approaching. I have difficulties answering practice tests most specifically in the speaking section. Whenever the question pops out of the screen i get really nervous and i cant even think and speak for my respond. I\'m really frustrated so i tried reading the successful stories of students who took toefl and it made me feel better. Somehow it gave me courage to continue studying and practicing. Thank you for inspiring me and giving me confidence that i could be able to pass my toefl with flying colors as those students with great stories.
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