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Meet Rouba, NoteFull's Student of the Month for March 2017        

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Rouba B. completed her Pharmacy Studies in Syria, then moved to the United States in 2005. Up until that point in her life, her familiarity with the English limited was extremely limited. Her mother tongue was Arabic, and her second language was French. She had taken a short 2-month course on English in college, but that was it. 


"I started studying for the TOEFL in 2008, but just by myself. I had a book that I used to guide me. I got a 22 in Speaking and a 21 in Writing. I thought, oh wow I only need 4 more points for the Speaking, this is not going to take long!"


Like most of you stuck in that 21-23 range for Speaking scores, Rouba would come to realize that the jump to 26 required a lot of work. After that first test Rouba began searching for new sources of TOEFL education. She watched Youtube videos offered by people who claimed to be experts, and took the test eleven or twelve more times! 


"I was never able to get that score of 26 for Speaking. I tried so many strategies. I took private classes with tutors on Skype. I attended classes at a state college in New Jersey that focused specifically on the TOEFL. It cost $1500 for 2 hours per week of classes, for 6 weeks, and they were not very professional. So, afterwards I was stuck at 23."


At the same time, Rouba's Reading and Listening scores were inconsistent over the course of these numerous tests. Sometimes she was able to hit her scores in these areas, others she wouldn't. Finally, in 2013 Rouba stopped studying. Her FPGEE (successfully passed in 2007) had expired the year before, and she needed a break.


In 2016, Rouba began to take the steps that would ultimately lead to her success. First she passed her FPGEE pharamcy test in the spring, and she had already begun volunteering at a nearby pharmacy during the morning hours. She places a lot of significance on this experience:


"You have to understand that I was very shy when it came to expressing myself in English. I had a real lack of confidence. But then slowly, through all these conversations with customers, I began to notice that I was getting better and better."


Rouba also began to check out online forums that international pharmacists contributed to, to talk about their TOEFL experiences. One trend she noticed was that something called "NoteFull" seemed to be very popular with her peers. She signed up for the Free TOEFL emails from NoteFull, and found the strategies easy to pick and implement.


In October 2016, Rouba took a chance and registered for the Complete TOEFL Mastery + Tutoring + Review program. She needed more help, more feedback than she could get from the free lessons. She studied the program and then took the TOEFL in November, reaching her goal scores in all sections except for Speaking, where she hit 24. Moving forward, she decided she was ready for tutoring to find out what areas she needed focus on for the Speaking.


"I had a session with Mathew and then a session with Nayyer in early January. They helped me to work on stragies, like being specific with my examples in my responses to Speaking Questions 1 and 2, and also what to focus on for each Speaking response. Also, how to develop my examples in the Independent Writing essay. I felt much less nervous afterwards."


That confidence carried over to her exam on January 14th, 2017, when Rouba achieved her goal scores for all 4 sections of the TOEFL! This represents a major step in her path towards becoming a licensed pharamist in the United States, filling her with happiness and relief. Her words of advice for all of you still studying: practice speaking English as much as you can in your everyday lives, develop your confidence on the test day, and adopt NoteFull strategies and have faith in them!



Reading: 25, Listening: 24, Speaking: 26, Writing: 24


Do you have the courage and determination to conquer the TOEFL? I bet you do. If you're missing the right tools for the job, let us know and we can work together to create a personal study plan so that you too can earn your dream score and be done with the TOEFL! You can always contact us at if you have any questions or need help figuring out your next step forward.



If Rouba's story or any of our previous success stories have inspired you, why not share your story and let it inspire others? If you have something to celebrate, let us know!



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Nui wrote on Wednesday April 26, 2017 6:04pm
1.I applied for Reading Mastery online. However, I missed this online class Thursday, April 20th 6 to 8 p.m. EST TOEFL Reading Mastery Online Webinar Class because I do not know how to access the link. I am really eager to learn with Notefull. Please help and give me the solution. I contacted NoteFull in many directions. I not only skyped with Joseph but also sent an email to NoteFull many days ago. Nobody replied me yet. If you were me, what would you feel? 10$ does not matter but my trust on you is reduced. I hope you under stand me.\r\n\r\n2.I feel really bad with NoteFull service because I had the same problem with my 8 sessions Tutoring online. It took such a long time until someone responded me. \r\n\r\n3.I do not know what I should do, so NoteFull reply my emails which I sent for many days.

Dhananjay R B wrote on Monday April 24, 2017 9:29am
Thank you Notefull!Your materials are brilliant.I prepared only for a week from this website and scored a 106.I would recommend this course highly to everyone!cheers.
Rated 5 of 5 Stars

Marina wrote on Wednesday April 12, 2017 11:07am
From very bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone from Notefull team for all your priceless work that allows people like me to fulfill their dreams! Only because of your detailed explanations and templates, I got 27 in Speaking section! Keep up the good work, Notefull! And thank you again!!!
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Just Me wrote on Wednesday April 12, 2017 1:46am
Dear Notefull Team! Thank you for your support. I used the free material only and I got 101/120. The video lessons are great. I appreciate that you make it possible for anybody to get free lessons! Best regards.
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Henri Locqueville wrote on Saturday April 1, 2017 3:28am
Thank you Notefull for your help and your tips to succeed in the speaking section. I got 106 using the 3-step Speaking Mastery and all your free and precious advices on Youtube :) \r\nR: 29, L: 28, S: 23, W: 26
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Rand wrote on Tuesday March 14, 2017 9:29pm
Manjil Puri said
"Thank you Notefull team for such excellent and illustrative lectures.I recently got 110/120 with just 1 week of prepration through your materials.You guys are the best in the business. R29 W29 L28 S24 "
Hello, please can you tell me what kind of courses do you used? the free material or which kind did you purchased? Thank you in advance

Manjil Puri wrote on Tuesday March 14, 2017 6:10pm
Thank you Notefull team for such excellent and illustrative lectures.I recently got 110/120 with just 1 week of prepration through your materials.You guys are the best in the business. R29 W29 L28 S24
Rated 5 of 5 Stars

Alona Mae Lanoy-Hyde wrote on Monday March 13, 2017 4:15pm
Thank you Notefull and these uplifting stories from your students whom successfully made it and nailed the score they wanted. I have used several resouces in the past to improve my strategy. Notefull by far works well for me. Hence, the reason why I am back here :-) There were times in the past were I get depressed and frustrated because every time I took this freaking Toefl test I am 1 or 2 point from passing. How I wish that i could only take the section of the test were I failed but knowing that I have to study for the whole sections was what kept me from moving. I just wanted to forget TOEFL! But I have to face this challenges and beat the odds. These testimonies here are helpful tool to remind people (like me) not to give up because we are not alone. Thank you NOTEFULL. You guys are the best! Looking forward for my first lesson with you guys.

Dada Chinwe Tolu Cordelia wrote on Thursday March 2, 2017 8:52pm
That is great!She really worked heard to make her dream come through.She did not mind time consuming, money spent. She was focused, not to allow anything to distract her from reaching to her goal.Her wish in life is to become a Dentist and nothing more. Passing TOEFL is the only ticket to make her dream to come through. Now, she finally made it."Success achieved gladden the heart".
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Laith Alfaouri wrote on Saturday February 18, 2017 1:57am
Hello NoteFull team, i just want to thank you very much. Last week i took the IBT and today i got my scored, which is 71/120. i know it's low little bit, but it's fair to me, and i would like share my experience with NoteFull system. First of all i made one month schedule for studying, and divide it into four sections. However, the total hours that i studied approx. 120hrs. Then i was studying the strategies of the NoteFull system for all sections, i read, heard and watched everything on the website, note that i used FREE MATERIAL ONLY. Finally, when i was at the test, i found that every strategies that i had from NoteFull system was as same as the test. Again thank you NoteFull for everything. So i encourage everyone, who want to pass or get high score in Toefl, to enroll in there program. By the way i'm not native English speaker, my native language is Arabic. But with NOTEFULL everything become easier. Believe me .