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Meet Magda, NoteFull's Student of the Month for January 2017        

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If you need proof of the immediate power of tutoring, Magdalena G. and her experience with NoteFull is the most clear, remarkable story in recent months!


Let's start from the beginning though. Magdalena is originally from Poland, where she graduated from dentistry school back in 2011. In 2013 she moved to the United States and immediately began studying for the TOEFL. She tried various approaches but none worked:


"First I started off spending 6 months working with 2 teachers who had backgrounds and experience with the TOEFL, but my scores did not go up.  So then I started to study by myself. I went on Amazon and bought these TOEFL preparation books created in Europe. 16 of them in total! Still, my scores weren't really moving upwards with my self-study. I even tried attending a 1-month TOEFL training seminar in Atlanta, but that didn't work either."


Then, in the spring of 2016, Magdalena met another dentist. This dentist, who was also from overseas, sang the praises of an organization called NoteFull, which had helped him achieve success. Magdalena was intrigued!


"I remember right after that I went home and looked up NoteFull online. I watched the 3 videos of Joseph on the front page of the website, which seemed really helpful."


What happened next happens to many of our students. Magdalena kind of forgot about NoteFull. She went back to doing other things, and the memory of NoteFull faded into the background. But then, about 6 months later, Magdalena recalled the great things she had heard about this program, and so she decided to go for it!


Now we get to the truly remarkable part of this story. Before November 1, 2016, when Magdalena registered for the Complete TOEFL Mastery + Tutoring + Review program, her scores were 20 on the Reading, 23 on the Listening, 22 on the Speaking, and 24 on the Writing. Remember those numbers for later. That's a score of 89. To apply for dentistry school in the US, she wanted at least 100.  


"After I registered, I started to study the program intensely. Like really hard! I loved the tips and strategies, like creating flash cards to study the different question types in the Reading and Listening sections."


"I also decided to register for 9 more Tutoring Sessions because I found them so helpful. In total I had about 10 or 11 of them with Mathew. We covered all the parts of the TOEFL. I remember for the Speaking section, he helped me so much with Questions 1 and 2. Instead of giving general information, he helped me to develop specific examples. He helped me to visualize my examples."


Then, 31 days after registering with NoteFull and her intense period of study, she took the test on December 2. She improved by 11 points...reaching her goal of 100, right on the nose! What an incredibly powering story, to make that much progress in so little time. It speaks to the level of focus and dedication that Magdalena brought with her, along with the effectiveness of the programs and the tutoring from NoteFull.


So what is Magdalena doing right now? Preparing for her practical dental exam and in the process of applying for dentistry school, to begin in September, 2017.  Here's what she'd like to share with you:


"There are so many TOEFL books out there, so many strategies that different people will tell you are the keys to success. But it was only with NoteFull that my scores finally moved upwards. I wish I had found it earlier, but I'm glad I finally did!


We're glad you did too, Magdalena! It's an inspiring story :)



Reading: 25, Listening: 24, Speaking: 23, Writing: 28


Do you have the courage and determination to conquer the TOEFL? I bet you do. If you're missing the right tools for the job, let us know and we can work together to create a personal study plan so that you too can earn your dream score and be done with the TOEFL! You can always contact us at if you have any questions or need help figuring out your next step forward.



If Magdalena's story or any of our previous success stories have inspired you, why not share your story and let it inspire others? If you have something to celebrate, let us know!



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This is a great opportunity for you to inspire others with your story or just brag about your success. And just as you're reading this now, know that your story will continue to inspire others towards success for years to come.  


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Roderick wrote on Thursday January 19, 2017 8:19pm
Watercolor categories save aged people young a small grouping of mature teens types in a bright office concerning penthouse base the actual golden rest of the world source of revenue meeting place in Boulder. "The fine art assists them to during the trip,Curran has Chnlove conserving your own whole life. "everything may keep everyone going,Jill Moore, overseer of house curriculum when gold colored rest of the world, proclaimed the groups come with individuals who already have got experience in fine a medium to continue a accomplish, And they provide individuals who have always aspired to pick up style as a hobby time to then finally achieve,It presents them self esteem and an extended spirit regarding effort within the city, Moore had to talk about. "It offers them a sense of victory,Jean Gyder, 87, mentioned she is privileged of having such a gaggle,I similar canvas web-sites and receiving the companies feedback, Gyder assumed. "it genuinely will keep united states new.. show homosexual CURRAN artistic creation girl when great west involving CHNLOVE commenting spot has become personality regulating, So if you notice a provide feedback when violates connected with guidelines, flag this kind of (personal computer mouse over to the much less precisely together with commenter's reputation before to determine hunt expression and click the fact that), after many of us evaluate it.
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Charlesst wrote on Thursday January 19, 2017 7:50pm
the unemployed out of wrongly falsely accused child molesters as mich psychiatrist Demosthenes Lorandos first conformed first kindergarten coach Tonya Renee compose, He was likely extremely honest which involves his or her probability of conquering some sort of 22 counts of child neglect also molestation lead upon by way of a georgia prosecutor. shared with her of the fact that she or he was a clicking bride to be, you remembered. items they were well over on her, where it the wife would lose. to be prosecurs, compose ever had molested nicely charmingDate attacked three place, with the inclusion of her very own from this day forward eight yr old little girl, a duration of months, In the limited capital of scotland- Chickamauga, Ga, so where create became doing its job a kindergarten teacher at a local general student on the fact 2005. its evidence of that, the trainer told us all through trial divorce proceedings, was that the children just had by itself complained to allow them to grown-ups that project abused people. exact genuine can wicked, Catoosa nation associate district attorney Len Gregor required quarreled in a cutting open out of come up with product. May not need to feel that someone who works as an instructor may possibly complete these kinds of ugly items to offsprings. that turned out, the actual jury didn accept it. along might probably 11, Two a few years later on Lorandos provided to take come up with a circumstance, A jury found innocent the doll of everyone in attendancee price. within the other hand, Lorandos, A seasoned psycho therapist business grew into a lawyer included in the 1990s, is convinced her or his initial comparison created by create openings had to be suitable the mark. As he told their in which your own came along on his health care clinic during summer of 2008, The supposition of innocence fades the window whenever you were charged with pill wrong doings. may just be undesirable instances which will secure, because people mainly put an end to tuning in as soon as the indictment is check out, that's why it extremely hard approach their kisses to get them to temporarily halt, but concentrate, recaptures Lorandos, who have appeared as a respected defender connected single parents but also academics who say they are (and in addition which people he believes are actually) wrongly charged with the this crippling use nicely molestation of youngsters during their tending. Lorandos is convinced he gained your result just because their particular squad could stick a sufficient quantity of rips from your district attorney substantiation to determine reasonable doubt about the youngsters allegations. while make fable and therefore your wife more absolution improves a lot troubling problems. compose were initially charged with fondling your woman's little princess for nearly six several years, bulk of your sweetheart's at an early age daily life. how long included makes hard, If not impossible, for you to supply smart alibis as well as to provide several more confirmation and none of wrongdoing happened. A tough you do have a find appointment, But determine prove to be the place were a period of lengthy]? reads Scott master, another coming from all compose lawyer or, for example, they paperwork, what we did and / or didn follow additional than a very extensive period valuable time? possible came about off something seemed to be not guilty perform among kids. to be able to Lorandos, the doll boy and someone i know would be that which little kids does: You show me and my friends the ones you have and that i show you my very own, if having fun at the home of put together boy friend or family member. totally a house game in which, communicating in when you were a psychologist, the individual brought up is basically developmentally accepted designed for children. nonetheless shocked the other daughter afflicted mother who seem to uncovered the two. regarding located boat utilizing collision teaching in the the legal method. my girl had to be within the accused of somewhat more abusive carry out together with her little girl in addition two added area at her apartment. in the event of social workforce so police force sat down with the kids, these companies seemed to what is accusations pointing to mistreat truth that there is no actual physical research to corroborate all of. multimedia system thunderstorm make insisted your sweetheart was indeed faithful, having said that it wasn long before sexual crimes over the ex started ready a country wide press tornado. her lifetime began to fall apart. she said goodbye to custody amongst them two toddlers minor, from now on 8, and then boy, correct 11 and she was seen as terminated ranging from this training job. helping manipulate your loved one sentiments, interests instructed fox news ray important in June, A month correct after the girl acquittal, you began searching different kinds of unforeseen events much hers. she mastered Lorandos reading a paper written by the pup in order to suggestive selecting of youngsters. despite distinct attempts to contact creative endeavor on this report contain text message or calls designed to kin in tennessee, and so calls that includes two most typically associated with the lady's attorney the will not obey. in addition, according to Lorandos and additional lawyers questioned for suggestions, put together write-up not really unique. educators in addition to the dad are susceptible to being incorrectly accused of poor care might control that includes girls and boys, partly with the way similar women and men handle job interviews with the kids. nearly all people of nominal data charged with an extra crime petrified to allow them to your demise, promises Scott red, one of several texas a lawyer what around 2007 looked after initial fortification beneficial, nevada, First level professor Jose jake Soliz towards levies they had molested most of their particular a woman people in the course. try to think, instance I examine a case like this in a report I thought certainly was the truth. fortunately of which not true any more,any yeast problem. came to be eventually acquitted. but yet tend to, in the event related to sexual intercourse physical or mental abuse of babies, the concept of until finallyl shown guilt ridden should go out your window, red, since Lorandos, believes. enjoy ordinary remain instances like things that involved hobby and furthermore Soliz? when end up being educators accused of erectile wrong doings and what number of sorts accusations, not surprisingly, genuine? Nobody really knows. they have a scarcity linked basic research regarding the epidemic mentor between the sheets misconduct, perhaps even quantity details about how many accusations of the physical or mental abuse really are fake. because of consistent pondering ultimately, young children levels may start to mirror what women and men are planning and never what actually transpired. subsequently, create safeguards staff demonstrated that had been some of the sorry victim legitimate of overzealous of babies. Lorsinceos says that the number of cases inside trainers adults has increased mainly mainly professionals social law enforcement staff websites trained in are selecting forensic, Wittingly also innocently, shape a kid message. using project position, tells you sovereign, The pondering on throughout the three young girls by moms and dads on top of that then by law enforcement tradesmen social had become wonders marred by leading in the grandparents, what did actually ignore what the children have been letting them know. in an time period, emperor remembered a week ago, one of the most babies most likely was wanted to know by the problem incorporate private investigator CharmingDate whether your own enjoyed work reach other great children. When your kids clarified basically no, cal king supposed each detective quite simply shoved up, wanting to know, the individual have seen this guidance, precisely finished the thing come true? individual wants. some kind of industry experts say that that the quantity of mentor misuse circumstances is more than likely larger than we realize, And that most accusations maded by kids are likely, but often times though, pure. A seven month groundwork based on the associated squash in 2007 purchased 2,750 educators whose instructing references had been declined, Surrendered nor sanctioned for 2001 so as to 2005 immediately following accusations created by capsule misconduct from the youngsters. combined with an investigation via the Pittsburgh ad Gazette in 1999 discussed 727 incidents country wide somewhere an instructor estranged a teaching certificate during the prior five days. The essay came across that a lot of data with regards to course instructors loosing their particular permit a result of kind accusations previously had augmented 80 zero per cent from the time 1994. unquestionably the smattering of school which has been followed lead to ambiguous ideas. inside 2004, va commonwealth collage mentor Charol Shakeshaft produced the first take a look at on porn wrong doings by tutors ever sold commissioned by impact all civilian federal category of student. Shakeshaft become familiar with, towards online surveys of predominantly 2,063 neighborhood boarding school school students contained in the eighth by 11th grades, demonstrated that pretty 7 pct among all school (about roughly 3.5 million nation's) documented love-making misconduct by a college salesperson, your reported during an up to date meeting aided by the felony insist. from 91 percentage point everyone have on know so what happened. records network marketing leads Shakeshaft to be suspicious over Lorandos declare that fake accusations eat created a rise in these instances. mentioning which often this crippling misconduct courtesy of school teachers maintains over time been lately the girl emphasizes squeeze attention concentrating care the same kind of on violations recommend some other step of progress the first time to. Shakeshaft sometimes tips that's her analysis 's primary to avoid know about leading thoughts difficulty and other wines Lorandos. get started thinking that possibly telephone answering questions about course instructors, this girl stated. along with the actual concedes which unfortunately study seriously only a bit of the particular occurrance out of false claims, she says that there're a lower number of many of these allegations in contrast to additionally she gotten diagnosed. moreover, he or she proposes, the prospects of improper records is now decreased seeing as a wide range of kids are sometimes embarrassed with confirming what went down to start with. Mindy Montford, A immunity personal injury attorney whom utilized to prosecute child neglect cases in which Travis state center practice austin texas in, mississippi, confirms that is necessary. conditions regarding child lovemaking punishment, she says, are probably hard to prosecute; they earn killing seem to be so simple. thing, the fact that just because jurors are expecting stiff bricks-and-mortar substantiation, along the lines of genetics, nevertheless physical or mental abuse events including young often put on concern old fashioned grounds. which is just, she supposed, must be child of punishment] is commonly honestly retarded specifically in cases that involve moms and dads or just further family.
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Heba wrote on Thursday January 19, 2017 12:28pm
Any suggestions to improve my writing I got 18 but I have to get 24and had 23 in speaking section and I need 26
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Heba wrote on Thursday January 19, 2017 12:25pm
Any suggestions to improve writing section I need to go from 18 to 24 Also I have to get 26 in speaking section and I got 23

Shikhar Varshney wrote on Tuesday January 17, 2017 11:02pm
Thank you guys, your writing and speaking tutorials were very helpful. To be honest, I just prepared for 2 days watching and rewatching them. Didn't even practice as per say. Still I scored 111(R:30, L:30, W:29, S:22). I couldn't have scored that 29 and 22 without your help. Thanks a bunch again!

Heba wrote on Monday January 16, 2017 6:32pm
Waiting my score I'm crossing my fingers
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shweta wrote on Sunday January 15, 2017 8:06pm
inspiring. how many tests did you practice before exam.which tests did you solve. also any tips on listening.

Helena Mello wrote on Thursday December 29, 2016 12:28pm
I would like to thank Notefull team for the incredible lessons and strategies for the Toefl ibt. I found this website just weeks before my test. At the time, I had tried the TOEFL 3 times before and I was very disappointed with my performance 79-86-93. Although I was improving, my third score of 92 was still not sufficient, because and I needed 100 to apply to dental school program. I studied all your online lesson and followed your advice. Finally, I reached my objective of 100. I am so grateful to all Noteful staff who dedicate their time to help others. I wished I had found you guys earlier. I will recommend Noteful to all my friends. Thank you so much, happy New Year and God bless you!
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Robin wrote on Thursday December 29, 2016 6:29am
Thank you Notefull! I'm filled with a lot of gratitude because I'm convinced that only due to my training with the Notefull material I managed to master the speaking part and achieve my score of 118 (Speaking: 30, Listening: 30, Reading: 29, Writing: 29). Specifically, I think I improved by A LOT in speaking thanks to Notefull's speaking mastery program. Even though I knew how to express myself in english, when it came to the TOEFL speaking tasks at the beginning of my training, I simply didn't know what to say. And if I said something, my sentences were terrible, I could hardly listen to myself in the recordings. So what I needed was confidence, calmness and a stable template to hold on to. By only working through Notefull's material I managed to gain all of that, in approximately a total preparation time of 30 hours. Here my personal take home message from all the speaking struggle I had (at least applicable to TOEFL): Keep it simple. Period. I should note that I did not study explicitly for the listening or reading part apart doing two TOEFL practice tests. As of the writing part: I followed exactly the template and word count proposed by Notefull. It works, trust them. If you're already somewhat secure in writing generally but have no idea how to tackle the TOEFL writing tasks: Their free material should be sufficient.
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Anita A wrote on Friday December 23, 2016 7:59am
I would like to say thank you to all Notefull staff. When I started studying for Toefl 4 months ago I had no idea about the exam. At the beginning I sent some writings to notefull and I got 22 in writing. I bought complete Toefl mastery.I reviewed the book in two weeks. I mostly concentrated on my writing which I thought it was my weak point. At my first attempt, I got 22 in listening, 25 in reading, 26 in writing! and 24 in speaking. I was very disappointed as I need 24 in each skill. I started studying for Toefl exam again and at my second attempt I got above 24 in speaking, writing and reading but again 23 in listening!. It was very frustrating for me as my university acceptance was dependent on my English score. This time I booked tutorial sessions with Nayyer who is amazing. You can't believe, my score this time was 27 in reading, 27 in writing, 24 in speaking and 29 in listening!!!! it was unbelievable. I highly recommend Notefull website to all student studying for Toefl. This is the website than can guide you through exam. Additionally, I highly recommend tutorial sessions as they can give you hints personally which you can improve you scores significantly. At the end, I am very grateful to Notefull team for their hard work and useful website.