Joseph Miranda

Founder & CEO

TOEFL Master Instructor

Creates the content and teaches the courses to help you overcome every difficulty you have with the TOEFL Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing to get your dream TOEFL score.

Hello! My name is Joseph Miranda and I’m the founder and CEO of NoteFull, Inc. My career in helping you improve your mastery of English and the TOEFL started in 2005. Since that time, I’ve been dedicated to working with you to overcome the challenges you face to reach your dreams, specifically your dream TOEFL score. 

What’s helped me most is seeing us as one and the same. Just as you’re striving to reach your dreams, I am with mine too… to build NoteFull into an educational institution that mixes technology and heart to create success for you and EVERY other student effeciently, effectively, and empathically. This empathy from our common experience fills me with the care, consideration, and creativity to NEVER give up in helping you every step of the way to success. 

Noticing the amazing influence difficulty with the TOEFL had on students–sometimes leaving them depressed after a career of success–I started NoteFull in 2008 with the aim of helping everyone first with powerful free material on YouTube, which made us famous, and the few that needed more help with our site, which has been creating success for you and other students for over 10 years. 

My background was originally in Chemistry, which gifted me with a unique perspective on teaching that always seeks to discover the catalyst, that special trigger, that will unlock your potential and overcome your challenges. Also, my love of the art of communication and the learning process inspires me to attend countless conferences and read dozens and dozens of books. That’s why you might find how we teach different from others. 

When I’m not working on NoteFull, you’ll find me working on myself: striving for personal growth so that I can be a better model for students and the company. And, when I’m not doing either, you’ll find me strolling through NYC enjoying the diversity, hustle, and sights of the city.